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Milwaukie Soccer Club

Coaching Information

We are currently looking for coaches!

Please consider supporting MSC by volunteering to coach a team this year. We will connect you with resources and equipment to help you have a successful season, no matter what your experience level.

Mandatory Concussion Training

Coaches: State law requires that coaches complete concussion training before practices can begin. If you missed the July 28th meeting you can complete your concussion training at the link below.

  • Follow the Link
  • Create an Account
  • Select Order Course (FREE)
  • Follow instruction to complete course and proceed to checkout there will be no charge.
  • Complete the Course

Please email your Concussion in Sports Certificate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Starting immediately for this fall season, each team administrator (head coach, assistant coach, and team manager) and club administrator is required to complete their SafeSport Training (See policy and congressional requirement below). Once you have completed the three required training modules (Instructions below), you will receive an all-inclusive certificate from SafeSport. Please note this is an annual training, however the initial year is the full training, the next year a short refresher training, followed by the full training and so on. The initial training is about 90 minutes but you can stop and come back to it without losing your place.

Instructions for logging into SafeSport

Please use the following instructions to take the three-part course.

  1. When registering for the SafeSport course, the SafeSport integration requires an exact match of First Name, Last Name, and Email address that was used when you created your registration with the club. This will allow SafeSport to link to the master database electronically; if anything is different, your master record will not be updated and will cause delays in getting you approved to coach.
  2. Please use this link to register and take the course:
    1. 421d-b095-82fc8c8c4c4
    2. Once you are at SafeSport, if US SOCCER for the organization does not appear, please use the drop down menu and select US SOCCER for the organization
    3. For the ACCESS CODE please use: YC3E-6P5G-YYIL-CS2M (CASE SENSITIVE) this will allow you to take the course for FREE. Please do not post this code anywhere online as it is specifically for our organization
    4. After completing the 3 SafeSport modules, your all-inclusive certificate will be created
    5. Using the Menu button on the left side of your SafeSport account, select the drop-down icon to the right of your name
    6. Click the green Certificate button in the center of the page
    7. Please maintain a copy of your certificate.